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the retinols and that's coming and the reason is because I'm trying to do as much research as possible and I had used a bit of retinol last week prescription-strength last week to target some zits and it made my entire chin peel it is not attractive and so yesterday when I saw David from Rennes who by the way is going to answer all your comments below he's their trainer international trainer and I've known a few years he's like most dudes in the industry at one point we cross paths in Space N Renuvaline Serum K he he said darling what is this I was like thanks mate Burnie suggested the ever calm range and I was like I've already beaten you to it love I've been using it for days it's much better than it was thank you very much so the ever calm cleansing milk shoutout for that if you are a bit more sensitive or a bit drier or a bit I have a


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